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Bundle #2: Twelve 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles | Educa, Galison, Dowdle, StandOut

Was: USD$255.00
Now: USD$152.99

This bundle includes twelve* 500 piece jigsaw puzzles:

  • Dogs Collage, Educa
  • Awaken Your Magic, Educa
  • Great White Shark, Educa
  • Sleeping in a Hammock, Educa
  • Puppies in a Suitcase, Educa
  • Fairy & Unicorn, Educa
  • Rosé All Day (2-in-1), Galison
  • Spirit of the Forest, StandOut
  • Chicago Winter, Dowdle
  • Chattanooga, Dowdle
  • State Fair, Dowdle
  • Tortoise and the Hare, Dowdle

*Rosé All Day is a two-in-one, so really you get thirteen puzzles