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MU Brand models are generally larger, more detailed, more colourful, and in many cases more difficult than their Metal Earth or Iconx counterparts.  Some even include moving parts!


MU's most popular series is the Transformers.  These models are large: up to 27cm tall, detailed (up to 634 pieces), and colourful.  They are also quite challenging and recommended for experienced modelers.


Some of the StarCraft models are quite large and detailed similar to the Transformers series, the Battle Cruiser in particular, but there are also some smaller, less challenging options for newer modelers such as the Gauss Rifle or the Block House 

Amusement Park

One of MU's newest series, the Amusement Park is a 9 part series that altogether make up one complete amusement park.  Each of the 9 individual models features 1 "scene" such as the Ferris Wheel or the Merry Go Round.  Each scene can be built alone or combined with the others.  The most innovative aspect of this series is that each model includes LED lights which light up the park in the dark.  The lights are controlled by clapping to turn on or off. 

Armor, Warriors, Ships, & Tanks

MU's military models include some iconic warriors and suits of armor, weapons, tanks, and ships 

Architecture, Castles, Temples

Includes the famous Jing'An Buddhist temple, the new and popular Fantasy Castle, and the Candy House which stands out as being unlike any other metal model on the market and also the easiest of the MU models.


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