Specialty Rewards

How to Specialty Rewards:

  1. Earn Specialty Points worth 5% of the value of every purchase (5 Specialty Points for every $1 spent)

  2. Redeem your Specialty Points for store credit (100 Points = $1 store credit)

  3. After redeeming points for store credit, the credit will automatically apply to your next order as a discount.*

To see your Specialty Points balance & ways to redeem & earn, open the Specialty Rewards tab by clicking the blue button in the bottom right corner of this page.


*note due to an issue with our website platform provider the store credit system is not working for about 10% of customers.  Until this issue is resolved, if you do not see your store credit show up at checkout you can place your order, then send us an email via the contact form or direct to dfoster@specialtyproducts.store, and we will issue a refund for the amount of your store credit balance.