Tiny Pocket "Fifteen" Game Kit | Mr. Playwood

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Finished Size:
7.3 x 7 x 1.5cm
Assembly Time:
3 minutes
Recommended Age:

Helps to minimize the usage of gadgets for games, promote the development of communication skills, fine motor skills and spatial thinking. This is a necessary thing during long journeys to diversify travel time, pass the waiting time at the airport or train station. The game easily fits in your pocket, because its size is not more than 10 cm. And you will not be afraid of losing your game pieces since they have a special place in the game case.

It must be one of the most famous and old board games in the world. It helps to develop logical way of thinking, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills. Players can arrange championships, trying to finish the game in the minimum number of moves. Take them when you’re traveling, and you will not notice the time you’ve spent in the way.