Nativity Scene, 250 Piece Wentworth Wooden Puzzle

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36 x 25cm
WOOD, 3mm (0.12 inch) thick

The traditional Christmas scene represented in a beautiful illustration, featuring the 3 Kings and 3 shepherds as well as an endearing collection of farm animals, all celebrating in the magic of the birth of Jesus. Mary and Joseph sit admiring their newborn baby while the star of Bethlehem shines down on the whole scene.

Key features

  • Includes Wentworth’s unique whimsy pieces. A whimsy is a puzzle piece crafted into recognisable shape, e.g. a flower, bird or a boat that matches the theme of the puzzle illustration
  • No traditional corner pieces, or two pieces of the same shape; and to make it that little bit more challenging straight edges can often be found in the middle of the puzzle
  • All the puzzles are made in Britain from a 3mm thick wooden board derived from sustainable sources
  • Presented in a cloth bag inside a stylish but sturdy box made from recycled material, making it a wonderful gift anytime of the year