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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Our brands:
Zen Art & Design
Extremely high-quality, hand designed and featuring charming figural [whimsy] pieces in every puzzle.  Thicker than most other brands at 4mm (0.16"), with beautiful rich colors and flawless printing, these artisanal puzzles feature primarily stunning nature and wildlife photographs.  Try the 50 piece 'Teaser' size and you'll be hooked! Made in the USA.
Nervous System
Another very high quality manufacturer, these are the most unique wooden jigsaw puzzles we've ever found.  Using computer programs based on processes and patterns found in the natural world, Nervous System combines the beauty of nature and power of technology to generate patterns for truly original wooden puzzles. Made in the USA.
Nook Puzzles
Nook Puzzles are is a one-woman shop located in Sheridan, Indiana.  Her puzzles are are good quality and feature a wide variety of beautiful images, but perhaps most notable is the thickness: all Nook puzzles are 1/4" thick!
A standout for originality, these puzzles feature original artwork you won't find elsewhere, a variety of unusual cut patterns including *Geometric Cut*, *Crazy Cut*, *Spiral Cut*, and...Regular Cut.  Our favorites are her Planet Puzzles series. Made in the USA.
Whimsy Wood Puzzles
Featuring a wide variety of images and cut patterns, many of these puzzles feature - as you might expect - more Whimsy pieces than any other brand.  Most puzzles are also available in a Standard Cut. Made in the USA.