"Ring" Magnetic Transforming Origami Cube | Cubendi


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Size [In Cube Shape]:
48 Rare Earth Magnets
Recommended Age:
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***See Demo Video At Bottom Of Page***

The Cubendi™ magnetic transforming cube is a new dimension in puzzle play from the makers of Shashibo®. A few twists and turns create a myriad of colorful shapes. Combine several Cubendi to create even larger structures!

● 48 Rare Earth Magnets. 
● An entirely different world of possible shapes. 
● A unique twisting, turning movement along with the classic folding and hinging. 
● When combined, creates malleable and stable structures
● A welcoming experience into shape shifting puzzle cubes.

***Note: not Magnetically compatibility with Shashibo***

For people who already know and love Shashibo, Cubendi offers a whole new world of possible shapes and combinations. It moves with a different but equally satisfying feeling that you won’t know you were missing until you experience it for yourself. Some of the greatest satisfaction in exploring Cubendi comes from its novel planes of movement, the impressive amount of space it can take up when it’s fully expanded, and the fantastic shapes that it falls into. The agility of Cubendi along with its unorthodox asymmetrical shapes promises hours and hours of exploration and entertainment. When you’re collecting and combining Cubendi together and making moving structures it’s a fascinating journey of discovery!

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