"Stepped Hoist Marble Run" *Modular* Mechanical Wooden Model Kit | UGears


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Finished Size:
11.6 x 10.6 x 10.8 inches
Assembly Time:
4 to 8 hours
Recommended Age:
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Ugears line of marble runs are modular; that is, each model works as a standalone, or it can be connected frontally or laterally to other Ugears marble runs of the same or different design (2 or 4 models can be connected, in pairs, using the special connectors included in the kit).


Despite being compact, this marble run has a lot to offer. It’s a true example of combining engineering and art. A sculpture? A toy? A labyrinth? All of those and much, much more!


Marble run have taken the world by a storm, with onlookers wondering about the marbles’ every twist and turn. Which marble will win? What will it take for it to do so? The anticipation is sweet and so is victory and delight of ‘your’ marble arriving first. Ugears offers you a chance to become the actual creator of your own intricate marble run, full of delightful surprises!


No glue or special tools are required to assemble this wondrous labyrinth. It is an activity that would bring the whole family together. What’s more, once assembled, you would be able to enjoy the marbles dashing down their course. This model can be used on its own or connected to two or four other Ugears marble run sets.


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