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16" x 20";Pieces=2 x 100"
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This two pack includes:

  • The Three Little Pigs, 100 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Animals of Canada, 100 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • Both puzzles come in one box

The Three Little Pigs

Explore the work of “The Three Little Pigs,” piece by piece in Eric’s new rendition of the beloved fable. First published in 1890 in the book “English Fairy Tales” by Joseph Jacobs, “The Three Little Pigs” is a story that all children have been told. Take this opportunity to explore the message of hard work, independence, commitment, and family while putting this puzzle together. What is your version?

Granville Island

There are many animal species native to Canada that we all know and love. Some species have particular symbolism to the people of Canada like the Canadian horse and North American Beaver who have been designated o cial symbols of Canada. What’s your favourite Canadian animal, eh?

Dowdle Folk Art puzzles present a collection of travel inspired artwork by the prolific Eric Dowdle. He is known for traveling around the world, often visiting places in search of a native's perspective instead of a touristy view, and then sharing the adventures through his art. The attention to detail coupled with the whimsical folk styling provides a unique and fun way to see the world.