"Variator" STEM Lab Mechanical Wooden Model Kit | UGears


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Assembled Size:
6.6 x 5 x 4.2 inches
Assembly Time:
1-3 hours
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The Variator is a mechanism which adjusts the force of the engine by alternating the gears ratio. Most drivers and car enthusiasts are familiar with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). The Ugears Variator STEM lab model embodies this key part of an automobile, so there is no need to get your hands dirty in order to grasp the principle!

The Ugears STEM lab Variator is a completely functional wooden copy of a Belt-driven Friction Cone CVT. The drive ratio is varied by moving the belt or wheel up and down the axis of a conical roller. The belt is powered manually with the help of the reducer. The rotation is then transferred to the cone pulleys. Change the gears with the help of the transmission fork and see how the driven cone pulley speed increases or decreases while the drive cone pulley’s speed stays unchanged. Because of the model’s open design, the whole process is visible in order to satisfy an inquisitive mind!

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