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Tri-M Specialty Products is seeking relationships with select toy & hobby vendors by adding complementary and invigorating products to your inventory. Our innovative no-glue wooden and metal model kits have proven popular with hobbyists and generate brisk sales worldwide. 

100% metal model kits are highly detailed and brilliantly colored. These highly intricate models are built from sheet metal parts shaped, bent, folded and twisted to join together with no need for adhesives - perhaps that is why lifelong modelers rave about these kits.

Similarly, our wooden models kits are also loved by model enthusiasts and they have a huge wow factor when seen for the first time. Their very nature as “mechanical models” with moving parts that “do something” is captivating in itself. When matched with the realization that you can build it yourself with bare hands and rudimentary skills, customers are intrigued.

In both metal and wood, advances in design, materials, and precision have led to a wide range of fascinating, beautiful and accessible models that consistently delight both novices and lifelong model builders.

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