"World Map XXL" 200cm x 120cm Wooden Wall Map Kit | Wooden City

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Finished Size:
200 x 120cm
Assembly Time:
3 hours
Recommended Age:
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A Canvas of Creativity


While the natural hue of the birch is undeniably enchanting, the map offers an added allure. It invites you to personalize it, to paint it in colors that resonate with your journeys, memories, or simply, your aesthetic. It’s not just a map; it’s a canvas for your stories.


If you’d like to learn more about the world, mark your travels on a map, or have a stylish new addition to your home decor – then this is the perfect World Map puzzle kit by WOODEN.CITY for you.

Featuring the whole world – a map of the Earth in the form of a wooden model kit.

You can attach this map to your wall using some double sided tape, or put it elsewhere for a wonderful reminder of the world. You can easily mark your travels and where you plan to go using markers, acrylic paints, pins, or else.

Get some geographical experience and learn more about the countries of the world. Plus, you can assemble this puzzle kit together with your kids for some bonding family time along with education for your kids.

Packed in an original wooden box. Made with 100% recyclable materials to protect the environment. Mark your adventures (And where you plan to go) on this wonderful World Map puzzle by WOODEN.CITY. It’s a ton of fun to assemble this wooden puzzle, and it creates a stylish addition to your home. Guests will love it it, and you can use it to show them your adventures. Grab and assemble this awesome World Map today!