"Marble Parkour" Waterwheel Coaster Mechanical Wooden Marble Run Kit | Rokr


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Wooden Pieces:
Assembled Size:
25 x 23 x 16.5cm (10 x 9 x 6.5 inches)
Assembly Time:
4 ~ 8 hours
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***Watch video below!***

A wooden Marble Run set featuring a big waterwheel lifter. Build your own intricate system of cogs, gears and wheels,and watch marbles racing down slides full of crazy twists and turns!

This is a DIY kit that requires your hands-on work to complete.  The whole set is well designed, with tight tolerances and good machining.  The interlocking mechanisms are cleverly designed so no glue is needed! Details are already cut and ready to assemble. 


Full of elaborate mechanisms and small tricks. The precise gear design provides smooth transmission speed ratio. You can also learn the fundamentals of engineering and structures of machines.


  • a stair stepper as an elevator
  • a spiral funnel, 2 straight rails, 3 curve rails
  • a wheel lifter to bring marbles to the top
  • a flip-flop as a switch to drive marbles to 2 paths
  • a hand crank to run the whole system to move


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