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20.9 x 14 x 12cm (7.87 x 5.51 x 4.72 inches)
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Notes From Tri-M

This is an advanced build and recommended for people with some modeling experience already. 

Because of the moving parts in this model it is important to be very precise in assembly and following the instructions, more so than for Metal Earth or other metal model kits.


From the Egyptian sundials, the British Isles' Stonehenge to the exquisite movements of John Garrison, Abraham-Louis Breguet, Carl Faberge and modern electronic chronometers, this way of increasing precision has not changed time itself. But it brought additional comfort to our lives.In the recent past, only a select few could afford to have a personal device for measuring time. Therefore, the center of each city was a public clock. They were located, as a rule, on clock towers, the sound of their bells was heard by the entire population. 

The architecture and arrangement of the towers were the subject of competition. Rich cities built high-rise masterpieces, poor villages were content with simple wooden turrets. This rivalry continues to this day. The tallest clock tower today is the Abraj Al-Beit Hotel in Saudi Arabia. Its height is 601 meters. The most famous and beautiful clock towers are London's Big Ben, Philadelphia City Hall, Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science and other works of architects and watchmakers.

What is included:

  • Metal parts
  • basic tools
  • user guide
  • gloves
  • polishing cloth
  • collectible pin
  • Metal Time club stickers