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Finished Size:
10 x 12.4 x 8.5cm (4 x 5 x 3.3 inches)
Assembly Time:
4 to 6 hours
Recommended Age:
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***See video below!***

Delicate wooden treasure chest that you can assemble by yourself. Ideal storage container for small items or jewelry. You can set your own code and keep them safe. Both entertaining and challenging for brain.

Front: A rotary knob is used to enter the password to open the box. The password is set at the time of assembly. After assembly, the password cannot be changed.The password is a three-digit number. There are 1,000 number combinations between 000-999. You can set 810 of them as the password, but 190 of them cannot be set, please refer to the manual for details.

Back: There are two holes in the back that can insert the key, open the box and rotate the key so that the inner tray can open and rise.

Top: Rotate the gear to open a small space at the top.

Bottom: At the bottom you can record the password you set, and there laser engraved the method of how to enter the password:

  1. Turn anticlockwise 2 circles to digit 1
  2. Turn clockwise 1 circles to digit 2
  3. Turn anticlockwise 0 circles to digit 3
  4. Then the box will be open!

Fits together like a puzzle without glue or special tools.

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