Best of Mexico: 300 Piece Classic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle | Dowdle Puzzles

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16" x 20"
# of Whimsy / Figural Pieces:
WOOD, 4mm (0.16 inch) thick

Dowdle Wooden Puzzles are a great gift for the puzzle fanatic and lover of folk art. They feature a giclée printed canvas that is mounted on wood. You have several options to choose from including a classic Dowdle box or a keepsake wood box; existing die-cut or a specialized unique die-cut; you can even be painted into a Dowdle painting! – See the list below. Discover the world through the eyes of renowned folk artist Eric Dowdle, known for his gift of capturing the character and traditions of each place he visits. Experience the personality and charm of these historic and scenic places with a one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle.