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"Full Moon Feast" 195 Piece Premium Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle | DaVICI

Was: USD$69.99
Now: USD$38.49
In Stock. Ships Same-Day Or Next Business Day
37 x 31cm (14.6 x 12.2 inches)
Wood, 6mm (0.25 inch) thick

Tri-M Specialty Products says: Crafted by Russia's top puzzle brand with flawless cutting, thick pieces, rich vibrant colors, an unmatched number of unique themed whimsy pieces in each puzzle, and deluxe packaging DaVICI is truly one of the highest quality manufacturers of wooden jigsaw puzzles in the world.

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From DaVICI: In creating our puzzles, we are guided by the principles of environmental friendliness and use natural paper and birch wood, harmless non-toxic glue. The magic of the puzzle is complemented by notes of woody aromas. All pieces have a natural light wood grain. Each cut is inspired by the characters and content of the main image and complements it, forming a picture within a picture.

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