"Snail Moneybox" Mechanical Wooden Model Kit | Mr. Playwood

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20 x 17 x 19.5cm
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The Snail-moneybox is a true banker. With a single touch you can launch a mechanism that hides the coin left on a special platform into a top secret storage space.

One of the first inventions of the six-years-old Mr. Playwood. The young inventor was inspired by the family’s favorite pet – a gigantic snail named Slipper.
Slipper who served as a prototype for the moneybox is known for its skittish temper. Once, offended at his master, Slipper went on the run. In twenty four hours he covered a distance of three cubits and only agreed to return home after Mr. Playwood promised to feed him daily with choice grapes.
The Box was used by Mr. Playwood to store seeds which served as currency to the residents of the Great Tree. Later, when an ancient treasure buried under the roots of the Great Tree was unearthed, gold coins found in it were also kept in the Snail-moneybox.

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