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"The Toy Factory" *Escape Puzzle* 368 Pieces | Ravensburger

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68 x 51cm (27 x 20 inches)
Premium Puzzle Board
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Jigsaw Puzzle Meets Escape Room

A long lost relative has passed away and You are visiting their estate to establish who is “most worthy” of the inheritance. Upon arrival, the door is locked. You look through a window to search for a way in and see faded lettering on the far wall: “Intuition is the key to discovering your fortune.” Puzzled, you step back triggering a loud click a trap door to open beneath your feet.. Could your inheritance be in here?....

Piece together the Puzzle, Solve the Mysteries, and Discover the key to your fortune!

Ravensburger has been the gold standard in jigsaw puzzles for 130 years and is a stickler for the highest-quality standards.

Learn about what makes Ravensburger special with the video below

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