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V-Express Steam Train With Tender Mechanical Wooden Model | UGears

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Finished Size:
Train: 22” x 4.7”x 4.7”, Tracks: 96.5” x 4.7” x 4.7”
Assembly Time:
9 to 16 hours
Recommended Age:
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V-Express Steam Train with Tender is here to take you on a journey of innovations and technology.  Getting its inspiration from the Victorian Age of inventions, UGears created this fascinating steam locomotive model; an iconic symbol, commencing the beginning of global industrial transformation.

The exquisitely detailed design of V-Express allows you to observe the beauty of moving elements. Shacks and gears, the flywheel and the cylinder-piston arrangement; all these features make UGears V-Express look like a real locomotive.

Like all UGears mechanical transportation models, the V-Express is operated by a self-propelled motor, allowing the Train to move on its own.  A single wind of the Train engine produces enough power to run up to 13 feet.  The V-Express Steam Train operates on 3 settings: forward, back and idle.  The  “back” setting allows the Train to roll backward and automatically hook up with the Tender. The Tender, though designed as a part of the V-Express Steam Train with Tender model, is no less exciting and worth mentioning on an individual note. Designed based on the past century coal car, it is a fully functioning model, equipped with moving with elements like a locking hatch and dropping sides.


The V-Express Steam Train with Tender runs on a rubber-band operating motor and can cover up to 13 feet in a single wind! The direction of the movement is controlled by a small switch lever, located on the side of the Train body.  The Tender, designed as a coal car, provides for some additional cargo space to fit in small items such as notes, charms, small jewelry and other knick-knacks.

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