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16 x 15 x 23cm (6.30 x 5.90 x 9.05 inches)
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Notes From Tri-M

This is an advanced build and recommended for people with some modeling experience already. 

Because of the moving parts in this model it is important to be very precise in assembly and following the instructions, more so than for Metal Earth or other metal model kits.


Our planet carefully stores its treasures and in order to get them, it is not always enough to dig a quarry, build a tower, or a mine on land. Increasingly, minerals have to be mined in areas covered with water. And the fantastic structures - floating platforms come to help. This is almost a city area on the water - with residential blocks, factory buildings, mechanisms, helipads and even its own tower - a rig or headframe, which give the platform a skyline.  

For the first time, an offshore oil rig was created in the United States in the 30s. Configurations and technologies have changed a lot since then. The highest offshore platform is in Norway. Its height is 472 meters, this is the height of the famous "Oriental Pearl" in Shanghai. The deepest harvesting is conducted by a platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil production is carried out from a depth of more than 3 km. These steel monsters are impressive. But very few people manage to see the offshore drilling platform live.

What is included:

  • Metal parts
  • basic tools
  • user guide
  • gloves
  • polishing cloth
  • collectible pin
  • Metal Time club stickers